bonds-steroidsBarry Bonds’ defense attorneys will have to prepare several ways to counter the potential evidence that the prosecution might draw from the urine sample that had tested positive for “the cream”, an anabolic steroid. Bonds has always passed the drug tests in the Major Leagues. In 2003, he admitted to have used a “clear” and a “cream” substance but he claimed that he didn’t know that these were steroids. Bonds thought that they were flaxseed oil and something used for arthritis. In 2004, federal agents managed to seize a sample of Bonds’ urine from a laboratory that had done the survey tests for baseball. The sample was re-analyzed and showed a positive result for the designer steroid. Several issues and debates have stemmed from the actions of the investigators. Defense attorneys might try to make the urine sample unusable as evidence since by arguing custody issues. They aren’t even sure if it was legal to seize the sample which was supposed to be destroyed 30 days after the laboratory had done its test. The laboratory that had done the survey test may also be held liable for not following drug testing protocols such as destroying the sample