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Friday 18, Nov 2011

  Laraque helped NHLPA to combat PED use

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During a 13-year career, Georges Laraque said he often had to drop the gloves against the use of performance enhancing drugs.

“Quite early in my career I started asking the (National Hockey League Players’ Association) to take action against all the performance-enhancing drugs some players would use to become bigger in order to stop feeling the pain,” Laraque writes in The Story of the NHL’s Unlikeliest Tough Guy, a new autobiography published by Viking Canada, excerpts of which were reprinted in the Toronto Star.

“The job was hard and harsh enough not to have to compete against ‘killers’ swollen with steroids. The NHLPA listened to me, but refused to take any action on that front, for obvious political reasons. They wanted to keep drug testing as a card in their negotiations with the league.”

Monday 08, Aug 2011

  Low cost and variety promote drug use in Korea

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Low cost and variety promote drug use in KoreaThe use of drugs among entertainers is once again making headlines in Korea.

This is despite conflicting calls for liberalization or harsher enforcement of drug laws.

Nightclub employees have remarked that it is tougher to bust ordinary drug users like students and housewives.

Monday 12, Jul 2010

  Royals star Dean Cadwallader confessed use of steroids

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Royals star Dean Cadwallader confessed use of steroidsThe AFL aspirations of Dean Cadwallader, the East Perth Footballer, are in tatters after he tested positive to the banned steroid nandrolone.

Cadwallader was found positive to the anabolic steroid in late May when he was a member of the WA State Team that lost to Victoria; this disclosure was made on July 6, 2010. This means an automatic two-year suspension for Cadwallader after both of his “A” and “B” samples tested positive to the substance and under Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) regulations.

East Perth coach Tony Micale expressed disappointment at action of Cadwallader and said the player had the natural talent for attaining the highest level without the use of drugs.