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Thursday 19, Mar 2015

  Wayne Odesnik Banned For 15 Years, Announces Retirement

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Wayne Odesnik Banned For 15 Years, Announces Retirement

Wayne Odesnik, a professional left-handed American tennis player, has announced his retirement after he was banned on Wednesday for 15 years after a second doping violation.

According to an announcement by the International Tennis Federation, the 29-year-old Odesnik tested positive for many banned substances including anabolic steroids (Methenolone- Primobolan, Androst, and Human growth hormone), during tests in December and January. The ban imposed on Odesnik was backdated to January 30, 2015 and will run until January 29, 2030. As a result of his latest violation, the results of Odesnik at this year’s Happy Valley Challenger event, Maui Challenger event, and the Australian Open will be disqualified and the ranking points and prize money forfeited.

In 2010, the American tennis player was sanctioned for the possession of human growth hormone. His first suspension came when he was stopped by Australian customs officials and eight vials, each containing six milligrams of HGH, were discovered in his baggage. He was off the ATP Tour from April 2010 to August 2011 after he pleaded guilty in Australia to importing human growth hormone. However, Odesnik denied using HGH and repeatedly said he never tested positive. Wayne Odesnik received a ban of two years but that was later cut in half after the ITF remarked that the player cooperated with investigators.

The name of Odesnik also appeared in the handwritten records of Biogenesis of America, the sports clinic linked to a performance-enhancing drug scandal in Major League Baseball. His name appeared numerous times in the records for 2009, 2010, and 2011 and it was indicated by the record that Wayne Odesnik was billed $500 per month by the clinic.

In his statement announcing his retirement, Odesnik said he was “heartbroken” and had “unknowingly ingested a contaminated over-the-counter supplement.”

The severe ban levied on Wayne Odesnik was widely applauded by several top players. Tennis star Roger Federer remarked players and athletes should know if they cheat, they get caught and added that he is all for a clean sport and that is why you’ve got to catch those guys who don’t do the things they are supposed to be doing. Andy Murray, a two-time Grand Slam champion, tweeted, “Bye bye Wayne… Good riddance.”

Murray also remarked that he thinks it is good for tennis to get him off the tour and away from the tour because we don’t want that being part of the tour. The Scottish professional tennis player, ranked world No. 4, also said the positive tests of Odesnik in December and January should be treated as separate offenses. Murray also remarked Odesnik clearly was taking something and trying to get an advantage and added he is not surprised as the American tennis player has been linked to a number of people that have been involved in doping presently and in the past and surrounded himself with those people. Andy Roddick, the 2003 US Open champion and a former world number one, echoed the comments of Murray and remarked he hates that Wayne Odesnik has a US flag next to his name when he is cheating.

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Sunday 27, Feb 2011

  Wayne Odesnik banned for two years

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Wayne Odesnik banned for two yearsThe South African-born left-handed tennis player, Wayne Odesnik, has been handed over a ban of two years by the ITF. Odesnik has been banned for violating doping rules by possessing human growth hormone.

The tennis player had not obtained a therapeutic use exemption for the HGH.

Eight HGH vials were found in his luggage by customs officials in Australia in January.

Wednesday 23, Feb 2011

  Tennis star faces ban for importing drugs into Australia

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Tennis star faces ban for importing drugs into AustraliaThe 26-year-old American Wayne Odesnik faces a ban from tennis after he pleaded guilty in an Australian court for importing human growth hormone into the country.

Odesnik was stopped by customs officers on 2 January as he arrived in Australia before the Brisbane International and the Australian Open.

Odesnik was stopped by customs with eight vials, each containing 6 milligrams of the performance-enhancing substance, in his baggage.