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Thursday 05, Sep 2013

  Doping Behind Injuries Of A-Rod, Says Yankees

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Doping Behind Injuries Of A-Rod, Says Yankees

Alex Rodriguez is fighting against many troubles these days. After being banned for 211 games by the Major League Baseball, the Yankees slugger decided to deflect attention by filing a medical malpractice suit against the team medic, Dr. Chris Ahmad. But this lawsuit comes to Yankees as a happy surprise as they can argue that it was the use of illegal steroids by Rodriguez that caused his injury in the first place.

It is believed that the doctor in question incorrectly diagnosed a hip injury that was suffered by A-Rod during the playoffs last year. The slugger had surgery on his left hip and was sidelined until July. According to a team insider, Yankees are of the view that it was the use of illegal steroids that caused his hip injury. The team insider has revealed that Alex initially complained about his right hip and there was no mention of the left hip and the suggestion that the Yankees and Dr. Ahmad were in cahoots to misdiagnose Alex are absolutely ridiculous. In case the baseball slugger decides to proceed with a medical malpractice suit, the Yankees will start a very thorough identification process that will include the medical records of Rodriguez that will be filed with the court and made available to the public.

The source also revealed that the Yankees are fed up with Rodriguez and these outrageous claims being made by his advisers and they are attempting to once again deflect attention from the real issue, Alex’s use of steroids. It was also disclosed by the source that the team would immediately seek to depose Alex and force him to answer under oath about his use of steroids if the case goes to trial and added that Alex Rodriguez will have to answer the questions truthfully and under penalty of perjury.

In a statement about the pending lawsuit, the Yankees said we relied upon Dr. Christopher Ahmad and the New York-Presbyterian Hospital for medical diagnosis, opinions, and treatment. It added the Yankees neither had any complaints from Alex Rodriguez pertaining to his left hip during the 2012 regular season and the Yankees postseason, nor did the Yankees receive any diagnosis pertaining to his left hip during that same period of time. It was also disclosed that given the various allegations that have been made by Alex Rodriguez and his counsel, if you have any medical questions they should be directed to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Dr. Christopher Ahmad.

Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez has remarked that he has told his outspoken handlers to freeze the scorching rhetoric amid his epic fight against the doping ban imposed on him. Rodriguez remarked there are so many great stories going on in baseball, and for us, we really just want to focus on playing good baseball, and 100 percent have all the questions be about baseball. The slugger added if there are any questions in the future that are not about baseball, the interview will end at that moment. A-Rod recently authorized attorney Joe Tacopina to accuse the Yankees of playing Rodriguez in 2012 while being aware he had a “hole in his hip” in order to get out from under his contract.

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Thursday 26, Jul 2012

  Alex Rodriguez Breaks Hand In Yankees Loss

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Alex Rodriguez Breaks Hand In Yankees Loss – cliff notes

Alex Rodriguez, popularly known as @A-Rod, may not be able to play any more this season after fracturing his left hand.

Rodriguez was hit by an 88 mph change-up from Felix Hernandez in the eighth inning and went down immediately in considerable pain.  According to a statement by his team Yankees, Alex Rodriguez has a non-displaced fracture of the left hand. The team also remarked that there is no time defined for his return and A-Rod would be placed on the disabled list.

”You hate to see a guy go down on something freak like that,” Yankees’ first baseman Mark Teixeira said. ”I had a weird feeling it wasn’t good.”

The injured baseball player joins the Yankees’ list of injured players along with Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Michael Pineda, and Brett Gardner.

An American professional baseball third baseman with the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball, Alexander Emmanuel “Alex” Rodriguez was born on July 27, 1975 and previously played shortstop for the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers.

He is considered by many as one of the best players of baseball and is credited with the distinction of being the youngest player ever to hit 500 home runs, the youngest to hit 600, and having fourteen 100-RBI seasons in his career. In 2010, A-Rod became the all-time leader in home runs by a player of Hispanic descent when he hit two home runs to surpass the mark of Sammy Sosa (609 HRs).

He was first implicated for steroid use in Jose Canseco’s book, Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and the Battle to Save Baseball. Canseco claimed to have introduced A-Rod to a trainer who was a steroid expert and supplier.

On February 7, 2009 it was reported by Sports Illustrated that the baseball player tested positive in 2003 for anabolic steroids, testosterone, and Primobolan. His name even appeared on a government-sealed list of 104 major-league players who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. On February 9, 2009, Alex Rodriguez admitted to making use of anabolic steroids while saying that he used them from 2001 to 2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers because of what he called “an enormous amount of pressure” to perform.

In 1993, he was drafted first overall by the Seattle Mariners and signed by Roger Jongewaard right out of high school. A-Rod was selected by both Sporting News and Associated Press as the Major League Player of the Year in 1996 and was just close to becoming the youngest MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the history of baseball but fell short to Juan González in one of the most controversial MVP elections. In the year 2000, the baseball player was selected as the Major League Player of the Year by Baseball America and finished 3rd in the BBWAA AL MVP voting.

In 2001-02, his 109 home runs were the most ever by an American League right-handed batter in consecutive season. During his last season with Texas (in 2003), he led the American League in home runs, runs scored, and slugging percentage to win his second consecutive Gold Glove Award. His career was on an all-time high when led the American League with 52 HR, 133 runs scored, and 393 total base in the 2001-02 season. In 2002, Rodriguez had a major league-best 57 HR, 142 RBIs and 389 total bases to become the first player ever to lead the majors in all three categories since 1984.


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Thursday 19, Jul 2012

  Roger Clemens Verdict – The Needle And The Damage Done

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Former Major League Baseball starting pitcher, William @Roger Clemens (born August 4, 1962), nicknamed “The Rocket” and popularly known as Roger Clemens, was recently acquitted from all charges against him. The baseball player was facing one count of obstructing Congress, three counts of making false statements, and two counts of perjury.

Born on August 4, 1962 in Dayton (Ohio), Roger Clemens was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 1st round (19th pick) of the 1983 amateur draft. He made his Major League Baseball debut on May 15, 1984 and won seven Cy Young Awards (he won the AL award in 1986, 1987, 1991, 1997, 1998, and 2001, and the National League award in 2004), an MVP and two pitching triple crowns. The baseball player also won The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year Award five times, was named an All-Star 11 times, and won the All-Star MVP in 1986. He got his 1,000th strikeout as a Yankee on August 18, 2007 and is only the 9th player in MLB history to record 1,000 or more strikeouts with two different teams.

The verdict may have allowed Clemens to extend his long career as one of the greatest and most-decorated pitchers in baseball history, but the verdict was a clear blow to the legal pursuit by the government of athletes accused of illicit drug use. Moreover, the clean chit given to Clemens also raised questions on the purpose, credibility and execution of the Mitchell Report on steroid use in baseball that mentioned his name 82 times. In the report, former Yankees trainer Brian McNamee stated that he injected Roger Clemens with Winstrol (stanozolol) during the 1998, 2000, and 2001 baseball seasons.

60 Minutes Does a hit piece on Roger Clemens

The verdict also brought an end to the testifying of convicted drug dealer Kirk Radomski that he supplied human growth hormone to McNamee for a starting pitcher and even sent a shipment to house of Clemens. Radomski however had no ideas whether or not the HGH was specifically used on Roger Clemens. Debbie Clemens, Clemens’s wife, admitted that she received a human growth hormone injection from McNamee though the versions of both (Clemens and McNamee) differ over when the injection was administered and whether or not Roger Clemens was present at the time of HGH administration. The verdict also suggested that steroids actually work and they can be extremely beneficial to obliterate home run records or win gold medals.

It also indicates that steroid users are more likely to succeed and can still come out clean and sportsmen who do not take anabolic steroids would always find it difficult to compete against them.

The charges that Roger Clemens may have used anabolic steroids and human growth hormone during a career spanning 24 decades and producing 354 victories have been brought down by the verdict, but many still feel that he was not as clean as portrayed.

Saturday 15, Jan 2011

  Home run machine McGwire admits to steroid use

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Home run machine McGwire admits to steroid useMark McGwire, the retired US baseball star and home run machine, recently admitted of making use of steroids during his career including the time when he conquered the home run record in 1998.

The baseball slugger said he used steroids on-and-off for a decade and tendered an apology to every one hurted by his behavior.

This confession followed a similar steroid use admission by Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees in 2009.

Wednesday 20, Oct 2010

  Report on steroids cites “collective failure”

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Report on steroids cites collective failureA blistering report by former senator George J Mitchell has tied 89 Major League Baseball players, including Roger Clemens, to the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs.

This report made use of informant testimony and supporting documents for offering a richly detailed portrait of what Mr. Mitchell described as “baseball’s steroids era.”

Mitchell said there was a collective failure for recognizing the issue as it emerged and recommended that players on the list not be disciplined but baseball should “look ahead to the future” and establish stringent testing.

Saturday 16, Oct 2010

  Another bout of disclosure for A-Rod and Yankees

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Another bout of disclosure for A-Rod and YankeesA Canadian-based doctor named Anthony Galea presently investigated for being a possible distributor of performance enhancing drugs has prompted Yankees officials reach out to representatives of their star slugger Alex Rodriguez.

The officials wanted to know if A-Rod had ever had any dealings with Galea.

Galea, who is based in Toronto, has been charged by authorities in Canada with conspiring to smuggle human growth hormone and other drugs into the United States.

Monday 13, Sep 2010

  Chronicle on last 16 years of baseball by Ken Burns

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Chronicle on last 16 years of baseball by Ken BurnsKen Burns recently remarked that the last sixteen years have cast some shadows over the game of baseball and it is for this reason that he finally broke his no-repeats rule and made a return to the game he chronicled in his 1994 PBS maxi-series “Baseball.”

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, co-directors of ‘The Tenth Inning’, PBS’s newest production, call the “The Tenth Inning” an ambivalent story to peel protective layers from the game of baseball that Americans have always expected to see pure. Burns remarked that tainted players are best inducted into the hall of fame after they depart from the world.

Thursday 09, Sep 2010

  Pettitte to be key witness in Clemens perjury case

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Pettitte to be key witness in Clemens perjury caseAndy Pettitte, the Yankees hero, will be playing the role of supporting cast after Brian McNamee, the former trainer of Roger Clemens, revealed the complete truth.

Clemens is expected to plead not guilty and Pettitte is all set to become an important witness in the perjury case against Clemens.

Pettitte is believed to step off the mound and onto the stand of witnesses to testify against his pitching mentor.

Sunday 22, Aug 2010

  Alex Rodriguez still has dreams after 600th home run

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Alex Rodriguez still has dreams after 600th home runAlex Rodriguez, who became the seventh and youngest player in Major League Baseball history to hit 600 career home runs, is still under pressure to perform better and prove others wrong who just cannot think beyond his association with anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

It is worthwhile to note here that this numerical milestone may not be enough for A-Rod to gain an easy entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible five years after retirement.

Rodriguez told Suzyn Waldman of WCBS Radio that people still doubt him and his performance because of what happened in the past.

Thursday 19, Aug 2010

  A-Rod happy to be considered elite

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A-Rod happy to be considered eliteAlex Rodriguez, popularly known as A-Rod, never realized how much he missed the game of baseball until he viewed the All-Star Game on television last year.

Though Rodriguez had many other things on his mind like the spring steroids scandal and his comeback from hip surgery, but it seems like he missed it nonetheless.

Andy Pettitte said A-Rod has always been in the All-Star game and it feels like this is the place where he belongs.

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