Teen Mom 2 Star Denies Steroid Use

Adam Alan Lind, Teen Mom 2 star, has denied steroid allegations after his ex-girlfriend Jessica Nicole shared shocking photos of him where he is seen with a hypodermic needle in his leg. The reality star and father of two claims that the roid claims of Nicole were “all lies.”

Nicole vented to her fans on Instagram about the alleged behavior of Lind. She said those are my arms after Adam thought it was cool to put his hands on me and also said Lind threatened her with saying he would tell people she was a porn star, or he caught me stripping in Omaha and also said he threatened to make up a whole bunch of stuff about her now. Jessica Nicole claims that the MTV personality had a pretty serious arrest recently where he was drinking before getting behind the wheel.

Jessica also alleged that Adam refused to return her things after their relationship broke off even though she allowed Lind to stay in the house that was leased in her name as he supposedly cannot get on his own. Jessica also said she did not make any money off of Adam at all as she was overly polite and left him with the house she rented so that he can continue to see his children. Jessica also remarked she even signed his new girlfriend onto the lease so that they can live together and added no one is jealous of anybody.

Nicole had claimed that Lind made use of anabolic steroids during their brief romantic stint in summer. Jessica Nicole also alleged that Lind had physically abused her and left bruises on her arms. In a reply, Lind remarked Nicole is mad as he left her because she has a habit of lying and he caught her doing porn. Lind also said the products photographed and labeled as Systanon 250 and another containing Trenbolone Acetate 100, both anabolic steroids and controlled substances, were not used by him. The Teen Mom 2 Star alleged that Nicole got the photo off an internet search and added he injected himself with Vitamin B-12, which is a common supplement.

Lind explained that people take it all the time, you can buy it from Wal-Mart or any local fitness or gym business and said all she is doing is adding fuel to the fire with the steroid thing and she knew it wasn’t true. Lind went on to say that the actions of Nicole, who appeared alongside him on Teen Mom 2 Season 5B, were an effort to get back in the spotlight.

The revelations by Nicole have caused quite a stir and have angered Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur, the mothers of Adam’s two daughters. The allegations have even prompted his baby mama Chelsea Houska to “reevaluate” their custody arrangement. According to a source close to Chelsea, she is very concerned about Adam’s behavior and he should clean up his acts before he should be around his daughters.

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