Testosterone Enanthate

testosterone-enanthate-rotexmedicaIf you are looking for the best, legal anabolic steroid and performance enhancing drug online, testosterone enanthate is an excellent product for you. This is not just because this testosterone derivative is highly potent, but also because its use does not lead to side effects and it can be easily purchased online with secured payment options.

This testosterone compound is medically recommended to men and women suffering with low testosterone. In other words, testosterone enanthate is used to treat individuals when the body does not make any or enough testosterone. Since testosterone is the primary hormone in men and responsible for developing and regulating sexual characteristics, its deficiency cannot be ignored for long and this is exactly where this anabolic steroid comes into the picture.

By promoting the natural production of testosterone to a significant extent, the testosterone compound gives a new meaning to muscle mass, muscle definition, body strength, stamina, and performance. Not only this, testosterone enanthate is equally useful in promoting maximum fat loss and stimulating early recovery from injuries and intense workouts.

In addition to all these benefits, the steroid also demonstrates unmatched efficacy in improving the levels of red blood cell production, muscle function, and muscle size. Moreover, use of this drug for as short as four to six weeks is closely associated with enhanced oxygen carrying capacity within the body that promotes nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

Recommended dose of this steroid is 250-500 mg a week, when taken via intramuscular injections. A 22-23 gauge needle with a 1 or 2ml syringe, usually about 1″ length is commonly used to administer testosterone enanthate injections and common injection sites are deltoid (shoulder), Triceps and Biceps (arms), dorsogluteal site (buttock), Ventrogluteal part of the Gluteus (region slightly on right upper side of buttocks), and Pectorals (chest region). It is very important to note that the injection site(s) should be rotated on a regular basis to avoid formation of abscess and pain. This steroid should never be administered in an intravenous form. The testosterone compound is typically stacked with legal anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) such as Anavar, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Equipoise, and Primobolan.

Testosterone enanthate should be used only as per medical advice and only high grade enanthate should be purchased. This testosterone derivative should not be abused or it can result in side effects, including painful penile erections, vomiting, nausea, increased serum cholesterol, irregular menstrual cycles, and virilizing effects. The doses should not be altered without prior medical approval. Use of this anabolic steroid is not recommended to those suffering from heart diseases, prostate or breast cancer, or having an existing allergy to the drug or any of its ingredients. Antiestrogens such as Clomid, Arimidex, or Nolvadex may be required as part of the post cycle therapy (PCT), in case use of the steroid leads in excess estrogen formation. Formation of excess estrogens should not be ignored as it can lead to oily skin, acne, or gynecomastia. Use of antiestrogens is also recommended during PCT to restore natural testosterone production.