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Anthony Roberts: Ok…without telling us too much about you, can you let us know what your experience with steroids is?

Anon: Well, “without telling us to me about you” needs to be addressed first. I have already been convicted of several things and been through a couple prison systems. I need to state, right from the start, that some of the things I am going to talk about I did indeed experience myself. In some cases, a friend of mine did some of the stuff I will talk about. I can’t remember. Basically, if you are from the government and reading this, I assume you know who I am. If I didn’t already cop to something that you are reading, you should assume that my friend did it. Back then I was pretty doped up most of the time, so things get a little blurry every now and again. I suspect that other, non-G-men will recognize who I am as well. I’ll say something to you later on, if I feel like it. Although it should be obvious that I have the freedom to say whatever I want and artistic license to say it however I want to, if you are reading this and from the government, know that it is a bunch of flat-out lies. I don’t ever know what a steroid is. Cool?

Anyhow, I have a little bit of experience with steroids. To put it bluntly, I had the unfortunate distinction of being a fairly important part of what I consider to be the premier anabolics distribution and manufacturing operations of all time: Laboratorios Ttokkyo. Obviously, a white kid from the ‘burbs doesn’t just fly to Mexico City and apply for the job I had. It was a long and very unique road that we paved and led us to fortune, albeit brief and fleeting.

Anthony Roberts: Can you give us some back story here?

Anon: A little back story might be helpful in understanding the whole of things. I always remark to myself that really, anyone could have done what I did as long as they paid attention to the landscape of the time and wanted what I wanted as badly as I did. It’s kind of like starting a UG lab now; anyone who really wants to can find a way to import powder, a way to get vials and equipment, and start producing some garbage that people will happily buy. Most people are content to just buy it and spend the money, but there are those of us who are first compelled to buy 3, sell 2, and get a freebie and then wind up getting rich because other people are lazy (or smart).

A long time ago, when I first saw actual banner ads for powder suppliers, I got flashbacks of the beginning of my end. You guys are a bunch of retards, with your boards and pseudo-security. People from other countries sponsor your board and it’s not illegal in their country to sell steroids. You think that makes you safe. You’re just advertising for someone who is doing something perfectly legal, right? You really think it is that simple? You are providing a vehicle to enable illegal transactions. It’s like having banner ads for fertilizer on a militia website. I won’t harp on this yet, but I probably will. You are retards, just waiting for the Fed to take interest. Now, I was a retard once, too – so I can say that. You are a bunch of retards and you are going to fall. I’ll get into why later, if there is time.

Anthony Roberts: How did you start out in this particular line of work?

Anon: I started off like anyone else really; I just wanted to be bigger than the next guy. That mindset wound up transferring to my business approach as well and both got me into a boatload of shit eventually. I started off reading the boards, researching, learning, and pretty quickly I was a regular on ‘Bolex and Varix and a few other discussion boards. Its important to remember when you hear me talking about those days that the ‘net was much smaller back then and there were maybe half a dozen steroid-related websites. They didn’t have central repositories for profiles, cycles, and everything else that each board has today. Shit was kind of scattered, and Brian Raupp was ahead of his time, centralizing information and bringing clientele to himself. I don’t know Brian personally. From what I understand, he just got out of Federal Prison himself, after fucking up on supervised release. To me, that means he had a chance to not go away at all but blew it by being a dipshit and continuing to sell while on probation. I was supposed to sell him a bunch of shit one time but somewhere along the way the product was taken by the feds and the deal wasn’t lucrative enough to make me want to do it again. I’ll sell you 1000 bottles if I’m making $5 a piece and it’s easy for me to get the bottles in my hand, but that’s one of the logistical problems behind being a large importer and distributor: shipping volumes of product. It makes much more sense for me to get 1000 bottles and sell to two or three dudes who don’t want anyone to know who I am for fear of losing their client base. That way, I can mark things up $35 a unit and still get rid of it inside of a day. It’s the same number of boxes, but I’m making $35k instead of $5k and I don’t have to deal with people in the federal spotlight. If I set it up right, I’d never even see the boxes and I’d never even know what my customers looked like. I didn’t quite do it that way, but I never wanted to be in the spotlight. I guess that’s lesson one that Ttokkyo should have learned; keep thy ass out of the spotlight.

Anyhow, the boards were like the Wild West back then. Anyone remember HumanSaurus Rex? A good dude. How about Simian? Another good dude. How about Damian Borleone and Leroy? Chances are, if you knew them, you got locked up like me.

Oh, but wait. Another lesson: the Feds get everyone to roll. Some do it much more quickly and easily than others. Right now there is a fellow named GAC (Red Star of China) or Brock or Bruce sitting in the can. The Feds visited him but didn’t arrest or charge him. Wow. Watch what happens in China now. Tell me if it is a coincidence.
(Note from Anthony Roberts: This interview was conducted well before the recent Chinese powder busts…scary, huh?)

Anthony Roberts: What do you think of the state of internet steroid discussion boards?
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