Two men from Rotherham face steroid chargesRichard Flynn, a heavy good technician from Rawmarsh, Rotherham and Christopher Taylor, a househusband and a gym owner from Rawmarsh, Rotherham were sentenced last October 5, 2009 at Sheffield Crown Court for conspiracy to sell and distribute controlled substances, including human growth hormone. The charges followed a joint operation conducted by the MHRA and South Yorkshire Police.

During the operation, police authorities seized substantial amounts of Class C drugs such as testosterone, methandienone, and oxymetholone. A £9,000 worth of cash was found inside a cupboard under the stairs in Flynn’s home. Drugs seized during the investigation are estimated at £7,000 in street value.

Tests made on the products seized revealed that both oxymetholone and Hygetropin contained no trace of the stated active ingredients.

Furthermore, the two men were also involved in the importation of the human growth hormone , Hygetropin, which has an estimated street value of £96,000.

Flynn faces a twelve-month imprisonment, 18 months suspension from his job, and an additional 120-hour penalty community service.

Meanwhile, Taylor was sentenced to nine-month imprisonment, suspended for twelve months, and an 80-hour community service as penalty.

MHRA Head of Operations, Danny Lee-Frost believed that the pair endangered the lives of those around them in exchange for their personal gain.