Silva-HendersonUFC 82 is going to be one hell of an even for all your UFC vs. PRIDE lovers. Anderson Silva “The Spider” will face Dan Henderson “Hendo” for the UFC middle weight title. There does seem to be confusion as to what this fight represents for the MMA fans. 1) Both Silva and Henderson are past PRIDE fighters who came to UFC, so this is NOT a UFC vs. PRIDE match 2) Dan Henderson is the more likely candidate for steroid use between the 2 individuals. Why? That’s because he competed in Japan just until 2007, and in Japan drugs and steroids are common place in MMA and other sports. On the other hand, Silva has been fighting in USA since 2006, with a 5-0 UFC record — and in USA the testing for anabolic steroids is extensive, especially for champions.

Who is more likely to use steroids? IS prediction:

Anderson Silva “The Spider” – 10%
Dan Henderson “Hendo” – 90%

Who will will the UFC Middleweight title at UFC 82? IS prediction:

Anderson Silva “The Spider” – 70% (remain champion)
Dan Henderson “Hendo” -30% (win the championship from Silva)

If we were betting $ on the UFC82, Anderson Silva “The Spider” would be the logical choice.