WHEN STEROIDS BECOME FATALIt is amazing that the use of steroids can go undetected under people’s noses. What is more remarkable is that they have knowledge of what this substance can do and yet its use is still tolerated in sports. There is no point of singling out just one sport because almost every one of them had a history of steroid use. What makes it more crazy is that despite the obvious physical evidence – increase in weight and muscle mass in a short period of time, more goals, more homeruns, athletes becoming bigger, buffer and faster, not to mention the positive urine tests – big time athletes continue to deny it to the point of facing perjury raps. It is downright vulgar.

Not until a string of scandals, deaths, and perjury charges had awakened everybody’s awareness did the sports organizations do something about this problem.

As the anti-doping agency continue to improve their programs in catching steroid users and dealers, the manufacturing of newer substances and methods to cheat on the detection tests have also increased. The government and sports organization officials should be more serious in imposing more stringent rules on substance use.