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Arms Exercises (Triceps and Biceps)

Chiefly responsible for the extension of the elbow joint or in simple words for the straightening of the arm, triceps is a large muscle situated on the backside of the human upper limb. While the biceps is located on the front side of upper arm and has several functions to play. It is the biceps that are responsible for rotating the forearm and to flex the elbow.

Like other body parts, arms exercises are also the vital part of weight training routines especially for bodybuilders and powerlifters. However, for a correct posture and effective movement purpose, a balance between the biceps and triceps is very important. The back arm muscle is worked through various isolation or compound elbow extension movements whereas the front arm muscle can be strengthened using weight and resistance training.

Triceps - It includes routine workouts that strengthen the back of arms. Triceps sessions include pushdown and triceps extension exercises.

triceps PushdownPushdown: In this weight training exercise, a bar held at the level of the upper chest is pushed down while standing with feet together. However, the most mportant thing to remember while performing pushdown is that elbows should be kept at a distance of shoulder width and also in same line with shoulder and legs. In other words to say, elbows position should not change while moving the forearm and pushing the bar downward. It is an isolation exercise for arms and cable machine or pulldown machine is used as equipment.

tricep extensionTriceps Extension: Performed while standing or seated, as per the choice and convenience, in this upper body exercise performer has to lower a weight held above the head and then have to raise it again. While doing so remain the upper arms in a motionless condition. Triceps Extension can be executed with either both arms or single arm at a time. Also known as the french curl, this weight training workout is an isolation exercise for the triceps. Dumbbells, barbell, cable machine or triceps extension machine, either of them can be used as required equipment.

Biceps - This weight training exercise is mainly done for the front arms. It is another major part of arms exercises and consists of biceps curl exercise.

Biceps CurlsBiceps Curl: Whether you want to this weight training exercise in standing or in seating position, you can do it as per youe choice and conveninence. In biceps curl hold the weights in hands hanging down with palms facing forwards and then curl them up to the shoulders. You can perform this particular arms exercise either with both arms or with single arm at a time. It is an isolation exercise for the biceps and can be perform with various modifications, such as hammer curl in which palms turned inwards, preacher curl in which upper arms rest on a sloping bench and incline curl done while laying against an incline bench.

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