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Calves are regarded as one of the hardest part of body to develop and strengthen. Even at the professional bodybuilding level, shaped calves are seldom seen on stage. The primary function of the calf muscles is the flexiblity of the feet.

During training sessions or workouts, special attention is given to calves exercises. There are two types of exercises under weight training programs: standing calf raise and seated calf raise.

Standing calf raisesStanding calf raise: It is an isolation exercise used mainly for the calves. Performed by flexing the feet to lift the body, this lower body weight training exercise primarliy emphasises the gastrocnemius muscle and recruits the soleus muscle. One can use weight according to choice but if it is used then it rests upon the shoulders or is held in the hands. Body weight, dumbbells, barbell and standing calf raise machine are some of the used equipment.

Seated calf raiseSeated calf raise: Done in a much similar manner like standing calf rasie, the only differences are the seated posture and lifting of the weight held on the knees by feet. Seated calf raise is also an isolation exercise and particularly emphasises the soleus muscle.  This weight training exercise can also be done on a leg press machine. Equipment used is barbell or seated calf raise machine.

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