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Glutamine: Helpful in Maintaining High Health Standards

Glutamine Helpful in Maintaining High Health Standards

Glutamine is a neutral, non-essential, and genetically coded amino acid. It helps in increasing the release of growth hormone in the body. The dietary supplement is also found in abundance in the skeletal muscles.

Chemical Composition

The chemical formula of Glutamine is C5H10N2O3 and its molecular weight is 146.15. Its systematic name is (2S)-2-amino-4-carbamoyl-butanoic acid.

Benefits of Glutamine

Glutamine is considered to be helpful in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It is a favorite supplement among bodybuilders as it helps in muscle recovery after exercise sessions besides being highly helpful for healthy immunity.

Its benefits also extend to the world of bodybuilding and professional athletics where it is used as a supplement for muscle growth in terms of body endurance, strength and muscle mass. It fuels up lutamic acid and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), two of the human brain's most important neurotransmitters when it comes to enhancing functions of the brain. It minimizes the toxic buildup of ammonia in the brain and facilitates transportation of nitrogen in the body.


Glutamine is indicated for extreme stress, injury, illness, recovery after infection, food allergy and digestive disorders. It is also considered to be extremely beneficial in reducing cravings for alcohol, cigarette, sugar, and drugs. This supplement is indicated to bodybuilders during periods of heavy exercise.


Glutamine is contraindicated for individuals with chronic renal failure and who have an existing allergy to it or any of its components. It is also contraindicated for individuals with kidney ailments, liver cirrhosis, and Reye's syndrome.

Recommended Dosage and Administration

Glutamine, which is available in a powder or capsule form, can be consumed in the quantity of 900 mg-4.5 g. It needs to be stirred into juice or cold water and needs to be consumed on an immediate basis; it can also be sprinkled onto cold food products. A Glutamine user can even take 2-10 capsules per day.

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