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Hip exercises

According to medical terminology, hip or coxa is the bony projection of the femur (thigh) and its joint is known as hip joint. The main function of this joint is to support the weight of the body in both static and moving postures. Muscles attached with the hip area act jointly on three perpendicular main axes in three principal directions: Flexion and extension, lateral rotation and medial rotation; and abduction and adduction.

Being the most important point of the body that forms the primary connection between the bones of the trunk, pelvis and lower limb, hip strengthening exercises are a vital part of weight or strength training programs. These lower body exercises not only help in loss of fat surrounding the joints but also improve your overall mobility. There are a handful of exercises for the hips; some of them are as follows:

Hip abductionHip abduction: This lower body exercise is executed while sitting in two steps. In the first step open your legs wide enough to reach the machin’s pads and the second one is pushing the pads with the effort of your hips muscle. Hip abduction is an isolation exercise particularly used for the gluteus muscles of the hip. Hip abduction and adduction machines are the only used machines for this specific weight training exercise.

Hip adductionHip adduction:  This isolation exercise is opposite to hip abduction. It is performed by closing the legs and the machine’s pads rest in the inside of the hips. This lower body weight training exercise is commonly prefered for sports people as it focuses much on the adductor muscles of the hip. Both the hip abduction and adduction machines are used for performing the exercise.  

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