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  Lats (Back) Exercises
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Lats (Back) Exercises

Lats training exercises are no different from the training of other body parts. Commonly known as the V-taper muscle in the bodybuilding world, lats exercises need proper technique while performing.  One can easily obtain the thickness but the width and flair of the lats is a tough job to do. To increase the power of this muscle, there are various weight training workouts that include pulldown, bent-over row, chin-up, dumbbell-rows and pull-up.

L3at PulldownPulldown: This compound exercise is good for lower back flexiblity and for biceps, forearms and rear deltoids to a lesser extent. With the use of cable machine or pulldown machine, pulldown is performed by pulling a wide bar down towards the upper chest in a seated posture. Major variants of this upper body weight training exercise are chin-up or pullup that is done by using the body weight to rise while hanging from a high bar or close grip that emphasis more on the lower back.

pull upsPull-up: Done by hanging from a chin-up bar above head height and then pulling the body up so the chin touches or passes the bar, pull-up is another compund exercise of upper body weight training. It involves biceps, forearms, traps and the rear deltoids. One notable thing while performing this particular lats exercise is the direction of palms. If they face forward more emphasis is put on biceps and forearms while if their direction is backwards then the whole focus in on biceps only. For beginners, chin-up machines are used to assist them in the lift.

Bent over rowBent-over row: This lats exercise involves biceps, forearms, traps and rear deltoids. Executed in a leaning posture, hold weights hanging down inboth hands and then pull them back towards the abdomen. Dumbbell, barbell, Smith machine or T-bar machine are used while performing the exercise. In one of the major variants of bent-over row exercise, lifting belts are used to support the lower back.

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