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  Lower Back Exercises
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Lower Back Exercises

Done mainly for the greater flexibility of lower back and hips muscles, lower back exercises are important for every sports people. Whether it is weight lifting or bodybuilding or football, these exercises helps in removing all those pains that occurs incidently while performing other training workout sessions.  Some of the lower back exercises are as follows:

Back extensionBack extension:  This compound exercise involves the glutes. Generally done lying face down partway along a flat or angled bench, in back extension the person has to bend down at the wiast and then straightening up again. Bench is used to support the hips and heels. Body weight, dumbbell or back extension machine are the required equipment of this weight training exercise.

DeadliftsDeadlift: One of the most effective waist exercises, deadlift is used primarily for strengthening the lower back. But due to its compound nature, it also involves various other muscle groups, such as quads, hamstrings and abdominals. Performed in an erect posture, the person has to grasp a weight kept on the floor without bending the back and looking downwards. One thing to keep in mind is that the musculature of the arms should not be used to lift the weight. This weight training waist exercise is not appropriate for beginners.

good morning backGood-morning: It is a weight training exercise in which barbell or dumbbells are held, behind the head, on the shoulders. After this first step, the person bends forward and then at the hips and in the last recovers back to upright position. This lower back exercise is named good-morning because its movements resemble with greeting someone in a bend way. Chiefly used to strengthen the lower back, it also involves the hamstrings.  The notable point is position of knees which should be straight while bending.

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