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  Pectorals (Chest) Exercises
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Pectorals (chest) Exercises

The muscles located behind the chest in case of man and breasts in case of woman are called the pectorals. During strength training workouts, these are referred as pecs. Chiefly trained for athletic or bodybuilding purposes, pectorals exercises are used to increase the strength and mass of the muscle.There are various weight training exercises for better pecs, including bench presses, push-ups and cable cross-overs.

Bench PressBench Press: Performed while lying on a bench, it is a compound exercise. Apart from focusing primarliy on chest, bench press also involves triceps and front deltoids, as well as works for upper and lower back muscles too. In it weight is pushed away from the chest while face direction is upwards. A variety of equipment is used in this upper body exercise, such as dumbbells, barbell or bench press machine.  However, one can also use this pectorals exercise with some modifications, such as neck press to isolate the pectorals or vertical dips or narrow grip that put more emphasis on the triceps.

chest Dumbbell FlysChest Fly: Executed in two manners: lying face up on a bench or in standing posture, chest fly is a compound exercise for chest muscles. In the first step arms are spread out holding weights and then bring back together above the chest. This particular upper body weight training exercise also includes workouts of three other muscles: deltoids, triceps and forearms. Dumbbells, cable machine or "pec deck" machine are commonly used equipment.  Some modifications can be done in this exercise too for better results, like incline that emphasis more on the upper pectorals and cable crossover.

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