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Strength Training

All about muscular strength and guts

Strength TrainingUse of resistance and muscular contraction power in building strength, anaerobic metabolism and skeletal muscles’ size is what strength training is all about. It plays a crucial role in a routine balanced exercise schedule that involves varied aerobic activities and flexibility exercises. If done in a proper systematic manner, strength training provides significant improvement and benefits to our overall health.

There are different methods of strength training for different body parts, such as for cardiac good health there is cardiac strength training programs while for increased bone density and toughness, bone strength training is used. However, the most common method is the use of gravitational force or other elastic and hydraulic forces to oppose contraction of muscles.

Primarily speaking, strength training is an anaerobic activity and differs from bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting. Though, these forms of sports are somehow connected with strength training and its procedures.  When we speak about the history of this particluar training then it dated back to 1930s. But until 20th century, strength training history was interconnected with weight training history. Prior to modern technology, methods and knowledge, it seprates from the latter one and becomes a popular form of training.

There are four main types of strength training: weight training, resistance training, isometric training and integrated training. Among these, weight and resistance training are more popular types.  Isometric training is the type in which during contraction joint angle and muscle length do not change and mainly done to strengthen the muscles at specific joint angles. Integrated training method is mainly used by athletes and includes flexibility training, core stabilization, balance training, reactive training, speed training, integrated resistance training and nutrition and sports supplementation.

Strength training exercises are mostly anaerobic in nature. Even in low intensity training exercises anaerobic glycolysis is the major source of energy although aerobic metabloism contributes a little. Some of the popular strength training exercises are squat, leg press, leg curl, shoulder shrug, pull down and up, triceps extension, sit-up and back extension. While doing this particluar training exercises specific equipment and methods are used. Strength training equipment includes weight machines, resistance bands, Swiss balls, Wobble boards etc.

Apart from basic instructions of warm-up, breathing, dehydration etc., there are three important variables, intensity, volume and frequency, which play significant role in the output performance of strength training. Intensity refers to the amount of work done; volume means the total number of worked muscles, exercises, sets and reps done in a single session, while frequency signifies number of training sessions performed per week.

Whether it is strength training weight loss program or cardiovascular exercises, strength training benefits the whole body. It is one of the most important keys to maintain good flexibility.  Its other benefits include postural support, muscle tonning, and increased bone density, metabolic rate and tendon and ligament strength. However, it sholud always keep in mind that strength training programs must be matched with subsequent dietary changes.

Now-a-days, one more method of strength training is used by instructors and individuals. It is called split training and involves training of just two or three muscle groups or body parts per day, instead of whole body work-out session. Split training is chiefly used by expert practitioners as it includes maximum training involvement of a specific muscle group.

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