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Weight Training

weight trainingWeight training is one of the most common types of training with which most of us are quite familiar and usually take it as another word for strength training. But it is a commonly used type of strength training and is done mainly for developing strength and increase size of skeletal muscles.

The basic principle behind weight training is the use of gravity force, in the form of dumbells, weighted bars and other equipment, to oppose the muscle force that generates due to concentric (shorten of muscle)and eccentric (elongation of muscle)contraction.  And for this whole process a variety of specfic equipment are used to target particular muscle groups and movement types.

In weight training programs and procedures weights are used to increase strength rather than elastic or muscular resistance. This particular thing makes it different from bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting, which are not exercise forms but are sports. It was only in 1980s that weight training became immense popular among the masses and the credit of this fairly went to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his movie “Pumping Iron”. From there onwards, not only men but females too are greatly influenced by this exercise training.

 There are various basic principles used in weight training, such as number of repetitions (reps), sets, tempo, exercise types and weights. However,the  precise combinations of reps, sets, tempo, exercise types and weights depends overall on the requirement of the individual.  These principles are very much identical to those of strength training.  The only thing that makes a different is the use and type of weight trainig equipment. Barbells, dumbells, pulleys and stacks as weight machines and body's own weight in the form of chin-ups and pushups are the commonly used equipment types.  Apart from these, different types of weights help in creating varied types of resistance.

Besides the use of weights and equipment, weight training also requires appropriate movement of specific muscle group.  Failure of which or the wrong effort of transferring the weight to different body parts in order to move greater weight can result in injury or bad performance.

Basically there are four types of exercises: isotonic, plyometric, isolation and compound. In isotonic exercises the force applied to the muscle remain the same despite of the muscle shorten or elongation forms. In plyometric type the power output of the muscle is increased due to the rapidly stretching and contracting of muscle length. The exercise type is which movement is restricted to only one specific joint and muscle group is known as isolation exercise while in compound type several muscle groups function at once and involve movement around two or more joints. For example, leg extension is an isolation exercise whereas leg press movement is a compound one.

Weight training is chiefly an isotonic form of exercise and requires certain proper instructions like other forms of exercises. The first one is proper form or in other words maintaining correct posture. For example, while doing standing exercises one should maintain erect posture; weights are not lifted with a jerk; and no slouching or improper posture while doing sitting exercises.

The second most important instruction is of warm-up or stretching. Before doing weight training or any other form of strength training, it is always advisable to do 5 to 20 minutes of warm-up. The third one is proper breathing schedule. Body Weight trainers should exhale while lifting the weight and inhale while lowering the weight. Do not holds breathe or breathe slow because during workouts our muscles and brain require more oxygen than normal supply. Similar like other sports, weight trainers sholud not drink water frequently. And the last but not the least one is that beginners sholud always start with a light weight training programme and if sudden pain is felt stop the exercise immediately.

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