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  Weight Training Exercises
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Weight Training Exercises

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Weight Training ExercisesWeight trainig exercises are a major part of weight training programs. Used mainly for the development of skeletal muscles both in terms of strength and size, weight training is a common type of strength training. This routine training workout is a complete health guide in every sense. It focuses on all the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints of the body.
Basically weight training exercises are divided into three broad categories: lower body exercises, upper body exercises and waist exercises. These workout sessions are important for bodybuilders and sports persons especially for athletes, footballers, swimmers, wrestlers and powerlifters.  

Lower Body Exercises:  These weight training exercises are best performed with the help of weight machines.  Used for tonning the lower parts of the body, the squat and lunge are the two most important freeweight exercises that make up an effective lower body routine training schedule. Some other lower body weight training exercises are deadlift, leg extension and curl, standing and seated calf raise, and hip abduction and adduction.  Among the various lower body exercise equipment, some common ones are dumbbells, barbell and Smith machine.

Upper Body Exercises:  Used mainly for tonning the upper body parts, such as chest, arms, shoulders and lower back, upper body exercises include pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulder press, pull-ups and pulldowns. Most of the upper body exercises are done in seating or lying postures.  Dumbbells, cable machine and barbell are the most commonly used equipment during upper body exercise schedules.

Waist Exercises:  Waist exercises are mainly done for increasing flexibility of lower back muscles and to get our tummy back into shape. This category of exercises is mainly compound exercises. For example, deadlift is a very effective exercise for strengthening the lower back but it works simultaneously on many othe muscle groups too, including quads, hamstrings and abdominals. While doing waist exercises one thing which always kept in mind is the right angle otherwise your wrong posture can have a negative impact on your body. Waist exercises are a major part of weight training workouts and are mainly done while lying or seating.  

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