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Frank Zane

The Chemist called Frank Zane!

franz zane It might seem quite unlike to address a great professional body builder like Frank Zane a ‘Chemist' but his education ceratinly seems to account for him being called so. Born on June 28 th , 1942 in Kingston , Pennsylvania , Frank is a Science graduate who later earned an Art's degree in 1977 before doing his Masters in Experimental Psychology.

Zane has a dynamic personality, the proof of which is a fact that he is a there-time Mr. Olympia (1977 to 1979) and has invariably reigned the charts during his prime. It was during his era that the competitions witnessed a shift from mass to aesthetics. One thing that always stood out when it came to Frank Zane's personality was his thinnest waistline among all Mr. Olympias which gave his body a very prominent ‘V' look, owing to his broad shoulders. Zane has also been among the very few three people who've beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in a body building competition. Zane's most prized award has been the Arnold Schwarzenegger lifetime achievement award which was bestowed to him at the Arnold Classic in 2003 for his long-term dedication and contribution to the sport.

Zane's hard work and passion for the sport of body building is apparent from the number of titles he has won during his term. He made his presence felt in 1961 in the Mr. Pennsylvania contest in which secured the 17 th position. However his second stint in 1962 brought him straight at the first position in Mr. Keystone contest followed by him occupying the second place in the same contest in the following year in 1963. His other account of awards includes the Mr. Sunshine State, (1 st , 1965), IFBB Mr. Universe Medium (1 st , 1965), IFBB Mr. America Medium (1 st , 1966,1967), IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st & Overall and Mr. Universe Short 1st & Overall (1968). He went on to win the Amateur Mr. Universe contest in 1970 followed by the NABBA Pro Mr. Universe Short and Pro Mr. Universe,Short & Overall in the years 1971 and 1921 respectively.

Zane's journey did not end just here. In the years between1972 to 1983, Frank participated in all Mr. Olympia contests where he always remained in top 4, not to mention his winning the title for three consecutive years in 1077, 1978 and 1979.

His competitive stats include arms – 18”, neck- 17.5”, chest – 50”, waist – 29”, thighs – 26 , calves – 16.5” and height as 175cm. Zane's contest weight has been 185-191 lbs and off season weight of 200lbs.

Frank has been a prolific writer as well. His first work ‘The Zane Way to a Beautiful Body ‘was published in 1979 and since then we has written around 10 books to his credit, his latest one being The HIGH DEF Handbook by Frank Zane published in 2008. There is also a 50min video available namely The Train with Zane Video for aspirants to get a live experience of training exclusively with him.

Hence we can easily call Frank Zane's journey a fine mix of hard work, skill and passion unbound!

Fran Zane Steroid Cycles

This is a possible steroid cycle for Frank Zane:

Week Dianabol Primobolan Deca Durabolin HGH
1 50mgs/day 1200mgs/week 200mgs/week 4 IUs/day
2 50mgs/day 800mgs/week 4 IUs/day
3 50mgs/day 800mgs/week 200mgs/week 4 IUs/day
4 50mgs/day 1000mgs/week 4 IUs/day
5 40mgs/day 1000mgs/week 200mgs/week 4 IUs/day
6 40mgs/day 1000mgs/week 4 IUs/day
7 50mgs/day 1000mgs/week 200mgs/week 4 IUs/day
8 50mgs/day 1000mgs/week 4 IUs/day
9 50mgs/day 1000mgs/week 200mgs/week 4 IUs/day
10 50mgs/day 1000mgs/week 4 IUs/day

Bodybuilding and Amateur titles

1961 Mr. Pennsylvania 17th

1962 Mr. Keystone 1st

1963 Mr. Keystone 2nd

1965 Mr. Sunshine State 1st

1965 IFBB Mr. Universe Medium 1st

1966 IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st

1967 IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st

1967 IFBB Mr. Universe Tall 3rd

1968 IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st & Overall

1968 Mr. Universe Short 1st & Overall

1970 Amateur Mr. Universe Winner

1971 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe Short 1st

1972 Pro Mr. Universe Short 1st & Overall

1972 Mr. Olympia 4th

1974 Mr. Olympia 2nd

1976 Mr. Olympia 2nd

1977 Mr. Olympia 1st

1978 Mr. Olympia 1st

1979 Mr. Olympia 1st

1980 Mr. Olympia 3rd

1982 Mr. Olympia 2nd

1983 Mr. Olympia 4th

Competitive stats

Height: 5'9" (175cm)

Contest weight: 185-191 lbs (83-86KG)

Off-season weight: 200 lbs (90KG)

Arms: 18"

Neck: 17.5"

Chest: 50"

Waist, 29"

Thighs, 26"

Calves, 16½"

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