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  Jay Cutler
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Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler – The gentleman bodybuilder!

jay cutler Well, here’s a perfect example which says passion can invariably beat genetics, if at all you have it in you! What more can you say about a person, who graduated in Criminal Justice but picked up bodybuilding as a passion and went on to win around 26 contests from the start of his bodybuilding career till 2008.

Jay Culter, always a popular person since his school days, stepped into this world on August 3, 1973 as Jason Issac Cutler. He hailed from Worchester, Mass., where he had an extremely active childhood working on his family’s concrete construction business and riding ATV’s.

From the very first of his contest in 1992 at Gold's Gym Worcester Bodybuilding Championship, Jay Cutler showcased his passion and strength to his other competitors. Some of his bodybuilding titles include NPC Iron Bodies Invitational (1993), NPC U.S. Tournament of Champions (1995), IFBB Night of Champions (2000), Arnold Classic (2002, 2003 and 2004) and Dutuch Grand Prix (2003 and 2006), He also has to his credit the honor of becoming Mr. Olympia in 2007, while in the years 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2008, he bagged the 2nd place. His tally of titles is incomplete if there is no mention of his Grand Prix titles from various countries namely Britain, Denmark and Russia. Hence from 1992 till 2008, this gentleman bodybuilder, as he is popularly known, has went on to win accolades under various heads without a year’s pause.

His journey after 2005, witnessed him as becoming the winner at Mr. Olympia in 2006. But if one can say in terms of points (scores), the 2001 competition was his closest one. He came closest to Ronnie Coleman, leading on muscularity and symmetry scores but missed the points in the posing rounds. However, he won the title again in 2007 and in 2008, he stood second to Dexter Jackson.

Cutler’s latest statistics are height-175 cm, arms 21”, chest 57”, waist 34, thighs 32” and calves 20”. His contest weight is 265 lbs where as his off-season weight is 310 lbs.

This popular personality of bodybuilding world has also been featured in numerous bodybuilding videos talking about how he reached the zenith, his hard work and dedication. The popular ones among these include ‘A Cut Above’, ‘New, Improved, and Beyond’, ‘Ripped to Shreds’ and ‘One Step Closer’. He has also penned his passionate journey in a book called. ‘Jay Cutler`s No Nonsense Guide to Successful Bodybuilding’ which can be virtually understood by a novices as well.

So if you really want to have your adrenaline going for this particular sport, Jay Cutler is the man for you to look up to!

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