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  Upcoming Events and Competitions
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Upcoming Events and Competitions!

The world of body building is governed by a number of federations and fitness organizations which organize myriad body building competitions under their respective heads. This section will bring to you all the information on upcoming events and contests to be held in this genre. You can also track information about how to apply for these, names and phone numbers of organization representatives to be contacted for the same and much more! In a nutshell, this is a directory for you to know all about body building events and professional outfits associated with it.

Isteroids brings to you some major organizations involved with it as follows:



Take a look at all of them here!

The NPC is known to be the most highly recognized amateur bodybuilding federation in the United States . It popularly features men's as well as women's bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions. It is also recognized by the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) so much so that in order to become a professional in the IFBB, you must first place yourself well in the NPC.

Click here to know all about NPC and its events!

The IFBB Professional league is the biggest and the most popular pro bodybuilding league in the world of body building. It is imperative for anyone to be called a pro to first win the IFBB titles. It prominently features men's as well as women's bodybuilding, and fitness events.

Take a look at all the events held under it so far!

The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness is the biggest bodybuilding federation in the world. It has with over 180 countries affiliated to it and organizes more than 1000 world, continental, national and regional contests under its head.


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