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Isteroids welcomes you to the NPC information ground. Enlisted here is all the information you would want to know about NPC, its rules, the guidelines it functions on, how to apply for it, the representatives needed to be contacted, NPC news and the latest as well as upcoming events taking place under its head.

You can call it an expansive library of information on NPC!


2003 National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Schedule
2002 Regional Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Schedule
District, Zone and National Registrars Directory
There are now 4 classes with 17 ways to turn pro

Misc. rules and guidelines for judging competitions

To be in the NPC, you have to register each year!
Jim Manion explains how it all started...
Table of Contests and Cover of the Current NPC News
More information about the NPC via NPC News Online
Official NPC Clothing
July 27-27 in Las Vegas
November 10-11, 2000 in New York, New York
July 21-22, 2000 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia
June 17, 2000 in Houston, Texas