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  Steroids and sports
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Steroids and sports

Steroids and sports has now become a notorious tandem as athletes from diverse sport disciplines, from amateur to professional sports, are constantly caught by anti-doping officials. One can say that steroids are now viewed as ‘normal’ part of an athlete’s training protocol.

What do steroids do to sports people?

Steroids do different things to athletes. Depending on what types of steroids you take, you can achieve whatever your goal is in your sport. For instance, if you’re into bodybuilding, there are steroids that can help you build bulk in such a short time. Examples of steroids that are best for the sport of bodybuilding, particularly if you’re goal is to bulk up, are Dianabol and Deca-Durabolin. If your goal is to have defined musculature, you can use steroids like Winstrol and Anavar. These two steroids are in demand in sports where great lean mass is an advantage.

Steroids can also improve visual-spatial function, which means that if you’re into sports like baseball you will be able to hit more home runs compared to the other guy who is not into steroids; that is, all other things being equal. Steroids are also known to improve endurance, thus you hear of athletes engaged in such sports like swimming and cycling testing positive for steroids.