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  Teens and steroids
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Teens and steroids

There is now a growing concern amongst parents, school administrators, and other concerned sectors  regarding teens and steroids. Teens using steroids is now an emerging trend, particularly blatant in Western countries.

Why do teens use steroids?

Teens use steroids primarily to look good. Teens consider steroids as short cuts to have a ‘mature’ body. You can say that the media is partly to blame to this trend as it presents to teens the type of body that sells – muscular for males, thin for females. Teens regularly see models on billboards sporting a buff physique. Teens often watch music video showing a teen pop idol, accompanied by chiseled dancers, doing crazy dance moves. Thus, it is of no wonder you see male teenagers dancing shirtless on discos, exhibiting well-built torsos.

Peer pressure can also be a reason why teens use steroids. Teens use steroids in order to be ‘in’. What troubles many is that teens usually use steroids covertly, which means that they take these compounds without professional medical monitoring.  As such, the concern becomes more problematic as steroids can cause adverse side effects, especially if improperly used. Teens who take steroids can suffer from acne breakout, tiredness, and fatigue among other symptoms.